maybe just don’t stay inside today,  take a drive out to the point and sit there while the sun sets,  you never know, it might not come up tomorrow..

The first time I was introduced to the ocean as a pre-schooler was day 1 of swimming lessons at my local surf club in Geraldton, Western Australia. I still remember high-tailing it down the beach when it came time to enter the water, running away from my teacher, running away from my Mum, running away from the waves! Turns out adults can run much faster than 5 years olds though so I didn’t get far..

I had no choice, I had to confront my fear, into the blue I went..

A couple of head dunks later and a nice cold drink of seawater I was done, baptised by Mother Nature. Walking up the beach like a drowned rat and with pockets full of sand my fear seemingly disappeared, I was invincible, “I HAVE CONQUERED THE OCEAN!” I said to myself. I just needed a little push.
”Mum, can we come back tomorrow?”, she cracked up.

That day would set a precedent for the rest of my life, it would open the door to the most challenging situations I have faced in the ocean and make the impossible, somehow possible. Most of all though, the realisation that outside of our comfort zone lies true adventure, growth and fulfilment was the kick in the bum I needed to live a life less ordinary. My journey had begun.

The collection of photography on this website represents 10 years of documenting adventure on the high seas of Australia. Every image in my portfolio is a real experience that is waiting for you if you choose to dive in.

What ever your path in life holds my work is intended to give you that little push to conquer your own Wild Blue Yonder.



Maybe just don’t stay inside today.

Take a drive out to the point and sit there while the sun sets.

You never know, it might not come up tomorrow..