Capture One Pro by Phase One is my image editor of choice, I really wouldn't feel comfortable sending you guys anywhere else.  With a user interface that is completely customisable, housing the most extensive and intuitive set of image adjustment tools available on the RAW developer market, this program moulds to YOUR vision, not the other way around..

Check this out.

When it comes to the brands my business represents I have a rule; I will only promote it if I use it, and my experience with Phase One products so far has been nothing short of revolutionary in the way I approach production. Capture One Pro is designed to house the worlds best photography, produced by the worlds best photographers; you just don't spend countless hours and dollars creating premium imagery only to throw it into a sub-par editor. 
Capture One files look better from the get-go, it's as simple as that.

I feel like the biggest benefit in joining the Phase One community so far has been the people; these guys care.
With a library of knowledge published through the consistently updated webinars and blog articles, the transition to Capture One Pro was pretty much seamless and absolutely beneficial for my image quality.

To see for yourself head on over to the home of Capture One Pro 10 and download the free trial (it lasts 30 days FYI, which is a serious trial period). Once you've reached the end of your trail, or if you're ready to jump straight in you can use the promo code AMBTCP for 10% off the purchase price.


The thing about photography is, you need power..
Long road trips to remote locations, day trips out to sea, plane flights where the damn seats don't have chargers; whenever you're disconnected from the grid you run the risk of flatlining. Commercial campaign schedules blow out all the time; it only takes a down day from weather to force an extended stay.

I first met the Goal Zero team in early 2016 on a visit to the US.
We we're hanging out in Utah when they showed me through their product catalog, I immediately had a lightbulb moment; extended stays at remote locations (without heavy generators) were now a reality. This company will power you anytime, anywhere and in any environment with their durable and waterproof energy packs.
Not to mention that they have an actual climbing wall and slippery slide inside their Salt Lake City HQ (which is besides the point but how's that for employee mental well being!).

  Sherpa 100 Solar Kit  - The pack I use to keep me going anywhere, anytime.

Sherpa 100 Solar Kit - The pack I use to keep me going anywhere, anytime.

Goal Zero is the worlds largest producer of portable solar products, I'm proud to represent the Australian division and work towards reducing my carbon footprint; you're in good hands.